Gloucester City Safe operate a zero tolerance policy to Crime, Anti-Social Behaviour and alcohol related disorder in or near the premises of Scheme Members.

Gloucester City Safe is a collaboration of businesses who are focused on ensuring everyone has the ability to live, work or socialise in Gloucester free from harm or intimidation.

Every Shop, Public House, Nightclub, Restaurant or Private Business has the legal right to refuse a person entry to their premises or use of their services.

Gloucester City Safe operates a collective Exclusion Scheme which means if you are banned by one member, you are banned by them ALL!


The Exclusion Scheme runs similar to most sporting rules with a Yellow Card and Red Card system.

A Yellow Card can be issued by any scheme member and can be verbal or in writing (though will be followed up in writing wherever possible) to any individual(s) who misbehaves in or near their business.  There is no requirement for formal Police standard evidence; this will be based upon the evidence of the Scheme Member witnessing the behaviour.

Following the award of the Yellow Card warning, a photograph of the offender and details of the incident will be shared with fellow scheme members.   Partner Agencies such as the Police (including Police CCTV) and Local Authorities will also be advised of the incident for information and intelligence purposes.

Any individual who receives a second Yellow Card within a 12-month period will be considered for a Ban from using the services of all Gloucester City Safe Members, including Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Shops, Bus Services, Taxis and Private Hire Cabs to name but a few.  Details may also be shared with Project SOLACE for consideration of further action under Anti Social Behaviour Legislation.

STRAIGHT RED – On the rare occasions where an individual’s behaviour falls well below the expected standard, they may be issued a Straight Red Card and immediately banned for the services of all members.

Exclusion from the services of members, via whichever route, will be ratified by the Gloucester City Safe Management Board who will ensure the action taken is proportionate and fair.



Individuals wishing to appeal have 21 days from the date of notification.

This must be done in writing to:

Gloucester City Safe, 11a The Forum, GLOUCESTER, GL1 1PL

Appeals must give the grounds for appeal and provide full contact details including name, address and contact telephone number.

Privacy Notice (Offenders)