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Businesses beating crime and anti-social behaviour by working in partnership

Gloucester City Safe is a not for profit Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) based on an award winning national model which initiated and has been running in Brighton & Hove for over 10 years.  The model has been so successful that it has now been deployed across numerous other cities around the country where the success has been mirrored, showing sustained upturns for businesses and communities alike.

The aim of the scheme is to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour working more effectively through coordination and strong links between local businesses, local authority and Police to create a safe and stable business environment.  Members of the Partnership will benefit from reduced levels of crime and anti-social behaviour in or near their premises.

Crime and fear of crime have a significant negative impact on the profitability of businesses.

We can help you to reduce shoplifting, alcohol related disorder, street drinking, begging, youth disorder and graffiti. Areas that operate a BCRP will see a reduction in business crime (national average 46% reduction).

Individual businesses that become members, take a radio, take training opportunities and take part fully in the daily operation could see an 85% reduction in incidents.(Kent Police 2008).

Communications are central to maintaining a safer business community – in addition to the secure BCRP website packed full of information and intelligence on offenders – all members of the BCRP are linked via a radio management system to the police and police CCTV.

A FREE radio handset is supplied as part of BCRP membership Some of the successes of Radio Management Systems are:

Professional travelling teams of shoplifters arrested Reductions in stock-losses due to early alert Anti-social behaviour reduced in or near licensed premises

The partnership is a non-profit making group.

Membership of the scheme including a radio costs just £1.00 per day +VAT

All funds are used to support the membership, including radios, Home Office Radio Licences and continued Intranet support and development.

The BCRP radio system is the only system that has direct contact with the City wide police CCTV network.

State of the art password protected website provides accurate intelligence and up-to-date images of all offenders subject to exclusion and ASBOs.

Membership of the Yellow Card Exclusion Scheme, where members can issue Yellow Cards to offenders and those involved in disorder or ASB in or near members premises.

In most cases two yellow cards will lead to an exclusion from the premises of all members and such exclusions will be swiftly imposed. Representation in court for ASBO applications banning offenders from the city Increase profitability by reducing crime, the fear of crime, stock losses and anti-social behaviour Quarterly business crime reduction meetings Weekly enewsletter Free licensing advice to all BCRP members Free crime reduction training in partnership with Gloucestershire Police and Gloucester Trading Standards Department Tax benefit – BCRP membership fees – if wholly and exclusively for business purposes – the whole amount is claimable as a legitimate business expense Unique data sharing agreement between BCRP members and Gloucestershire Police The BCRP is a partnership-based approach to preventing crime and disorder.

The partnership, at its simplest, is an intelligence gathering and information sharing system that enables the effective prevention of crime and disorder.


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