What is Gloucester City Safe?

Gloucester City Safe was launched on 1st May 2014 and is a not-for-profit Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP). The aim of our scheme is to bring together businesses from the day and night-time economies to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour by working more effectively through coordination and forging strong partnerships between local businesses, local authority and the police, to create a safe and stable business environment.

Members of Gloucester City Safe benefit from reduced levels of crime and anti-social behaviour in or near their premises.

Membership to City Safe has grown rapidly since its launch and we now have more than 140 members from a variety of businesses in Gloucester and Stroud including shops, pubs, clubs, takeaways and transport services.

Why should your business become a member?

Crime and fear of crime have a negative impact on the profitability of businesses. We can help you to reduce shoplifting, alcohol related disorder, street drinking, begging, youth disorder, vandalism and graffiti. Areas that operate a BCRP will see a reduction in business crime, whilst Individual businesses that become members and take an active part in the scheme should see a significant reduction of incidents.

Communication benefits

Communications are central to maintaining a safer business community.

 *   All members have exclusive access to a state-of-the-art website, providing accurate intelligence and up-to-date images of all offenders, subject to warnings, exclusion and criminal behaviour orders. The site is GDPR accredited and password protected for data protection and security.

  *   All members are linked via a Radio Management System which allows them to communicate between other City Safe members, the Police and Police CCTV.

  *   All members have access to a free radio handset, supplied by Gloucester City Safe. The radio system is the only system that has direct contact with Gloucester and Stroud Police and CCTV networks.

Further benefits of Gloucester City Safe include:

The BCRP is a partnership-based approach to preventing crime and disorder. The partnership, at its simplest, is an intelligence gathering and information sharing system that enables the effective prevention of crime and disorder.

 Increase profitability by reducing crime, the fear of crime, stock losses and anti-social behaviour.

*   Membership of the yellow card exclusion scheme, where members can issue yellow cards to offenders involved in crime, disorder or ASB in or near their premises. In most cases, two yellow cards will lead to an exclusion from the premises of all members and such exclusions will be swiftly imposed.

*   Representation in court for criminal behaviour orders banning offenders from the town.

 Weekly newsletter sent to your registered email address.

*   Free business security advice in partnership with Allcooper.

*   Free crime reduction training in partnership with Gloucestershire Police.

*   Free licensing advice to all BCRP members.

*   Tax benefit on BCRP membership fees – if wholly and exclusively for business purposes – the whole amount is claimable as a legitimate business expense.

*   Unique data sharing agreement between BCRP members and Gloucestershire Police.

Privacy Notice (Members)


For further information contact

Gloucester City Safe Manager Steve Lindsay on

07531 211439 or email at Steve.Lindsay@gloucestercitysafe.co.uk